Catherine Caruana-McManus

Director, Meshed

Catherine Caruana-McManus is a global expert in smart cities and digital transformation and has a career spanning 25 years across government, telecommunications, IT and advisory.

Catherine is a Director of Meshed, a Sydney based IoT integration company and the founder of Giant Ideas for Smart Cities, a global community for smart cities, the new energy economy and the internet of things.  Recently, Catherine has been recognised by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s Knowledge Nation initiative as one of Australia’s leading thinkers and innovators in big data and smart cities.

Catherine is on the Advisory Board for UoW SMART Faculty and is on the Executive Council and the Chairperson of the Smart Cities and Industry Engagement Work Stream of the IoT Alliance Australia.

Catherine’s prior roles include being the Director of IoT for Energy and Resources for KPMG, Director of IBM’s Smarter Cities and has held other executive positions for MC2 Consulting, PMP Limited and Telstra.

As a serial disrupter, Catherine has been intimately involved in launching many successful internet businesses such as Australia’s first real estate portal, and Catherine holds qualifications in urban planning, economics, management and finance.

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