George Argyrou

Director, Hickory Group

George Argyrou and his brother Michael founded Hickory in Melbourne in 1991. The fourth generation of their family to enter the construction business, together they have led the group to become one of Australia’s most respected construction firms and an award winning company. George began his career as a carpenter, and more than 20 years on has forged a reputation as one of the industry’s leading most innovative directors.

From beginnings as a predominately Victorian based construction firm, under George’s leadership the company experienced strong and stable growth, and in the early 2000s seized the opportunity for interstate expansion.

George is a champion of innovation; focused on sourcing the newest materials and methods from around the world and establishing the group’s own prefabricated building systems.

From Sync modular bathrooms to the Hickory Building Systems (HBS) construction method, George has led the creation of new construction methodology that is setting new standards in construction speed, safety, sustainability and architectural flexibility.

This and his commitment to risk mitigation of safety, legal, commercial and work methods are paralleled in the industry. George has encouraged the adoption of Green Building Construction to be incorporated into Hickory’s processes. He oversees the industrial functions within the company, including liaising with representatives from related industry employer groups, such as the MBAV. This includes participation in EBA negotiations and developing best-practice models for the construction industry.

George has established the strength of his credentials and character within the industry. His great strength is his expertise in managing his teams, with a flair for harnessing the skills of the staff he has personally handpicked and bringing together talented individuals that with George’s unique leadership consistently deliver exceptional collective results.

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