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Melbourne, 21 March 2018

Tour 1 - Innovation In Greenfield - TOUR FULL

Victoria’s biggest masterplanned communities showcasing innovation


  • Highlands, Craigieburn by Stockland
  • Woodlea, Rockbank by Mirvac

Visiting two of the biggest, award winning masterplanned communities not only in Victoria but nationally, the innovation in greenfield tour will explore the exciting opportunities in technology currently being explored and utilized by the country’s largest residential developers.

Mirvac & Stockland - Study Tours

Tour 1 - Innovation In Greenfield - TOUR FULL
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Tour 2 - Smart cities start small

Emerging technologies changing everyday interactions
Proudly sponsored by Taylors


  • The Student Experience, Deakin University, Burwood
  • Foy’s Arcade Experience Centre, Bourke St Mall, Melbourne presented by Taylors

As the demand for smarter cities and networks increases, Melbourne is showcasing some exciting innovations that prove that starting small can lead to big results.

The Deakin University Student Experience project has transformed it’s Burwood campus into a fully integrated, connected and alive space for its students.

The Foy’s Arcade in Melbourne CBD, presented by Taylors, is the ultimate technology experience centre where attendees will have the opportunity to see first-hand how the construction industry is applying world class innovations including VR, Geospice survey mapping, and their Trimble Indoor Mobile Mapping Solution (TIMMS).

Tour Sponsor Taylors & Deakin

Tour 2 - Smart cities start small - Itinerary
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Tour 3 - Made in Melbourne

World class construction technology made in the world’s most livability city


  • Hickory Built Systems Factory and Training Facility
  • Williams Landing, Point Cook with James Hardie

Technology is rapidly changing the way the industry thinks about traditional construction systems and methodologies. Australia continues to be at the forefront of world class construction innovations that must be seen to be believed. The Hickory Built System and the James Hardie applications at Williams’ Landing are an exciting example of how thinking outside the square can save you time and money.

Hickory - Study Tours

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Tour 3 - Made in Melbourne - Itinerary
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Tour 4 - Going up and Going Down - TOUR FULL

Urban renewal MAXED


  • Melbourne Quarter, Collins St by Lendlease

As Melbourne continues on its trajectory to become Australia’s largest city in the next 20 years, huge urban regeneration projects are dominating the development scene in preparation for this ongoing growth. Creating huge opportunities, CBD based urban renewal projects deal with some of the biggest challenges as they navigate their busy surrounds.

Melbourne Quarter by Lendlease is a spectacular example of urban renewal MAXED, taking construction innovation to the next level.

Lendlease - Study Tours

Tour 4 - Going up and Going Down - Itinerary
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Tour 5 - Urban Tour - TOUR FULL

How cities can accommodate growth and create communities


  • YarraBend, Alphington by Glenvill
  • Jewell Station by Neometro

Transforming rundown papermills and luxury apartments above train stations are just some of the ways our industry are thinking cleverly about urban growth and housing the generations of our future within existing communities.

YarraBend, Alphington by Glenvil and the Jewel Station renewal project by Neometro are both architecturally beautiful examples of how urban development can use and enhance existing buildings and infrastructure to accommodate rapid growth in our cities.

Glenvill + Neometro - Study Tours

Tour 5 - Urban Tour - Itinerary
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